Our Consulting Services

The focus of RE Sutton & Associates is aimed toward providing consultation services in the area of employee benefit programs. The firm has built a solid reputation with a wide range of clientele through expertise in the following areas:

The range of services includes not only analysis and recommendations relative to programs, but also the ongoing coordination with Human Resource and Financial staff, and with employee committees, which provides for a consistent management and overview during the course of a contract year. This ongoing interaction is the basis of our service philosophy.

In addition to our Consulting Services, RE Sutton & Associates offers a wide array of voluntary programs and employee benefits for small employers and individuals.

RE Sutton & Associates provides annual seminar/workshop sessions for clients to keep them abreast of national and state legislation along with other trends and developments that impact employee benefit plans, and a quarterly newsletter directed toward use with employees. Education, for both employers and employees, is a core element of our service.